Saralaeh Fordyce

Saraleah Fordyce is a painter and educator engaged in critical thinking, clarity, optimism, and the process of learning. Her recent work has focused on the co-evolution of images and health, the normalizing effects of representation, and how social dynamics are designed. Saraleah has been researching, implementing, and leading others to experiment with course structure as it is being taught so that learning is experienced as a co-discovery with students.

Saraleah headshotSaraleah received her BFA from Boston University and MFA from Parsons The New School for Design. She taught at Parsons from 2006 until 2011, and then began her current position teaching and lecturing in Design Studies at California College of the Arts.

Saraleah maintains a painting practice, is a reviewer for the journal Design and Culture, has spoken at the Innovative Learning Conference, is a regular Guest Lecturer at Parsons, leads workshops for faculty at multiple institutions, and is the co-founder of Lucida. In her life, both private and professional, Saraleah strives to listen, reflect, evaluate, and build systems and relationships that are more clear, productive, and meaningful.